20 06 2011

Firstly, I’m BACK from malaysia!

however, no pictures were taken this time because of time constraint during the trip. Basically, in a rush all the time.

In that case, I will be posting about my inspirations rather some dull routines of life.

Alright, I found out some ways to ” keep acnes from breaking out”

The link is below:

– –

Take a look, its absolutely essential for an ulzzang inspired.

It’s an unisex style.

What’s an ULZZANG?

Ulzzang are literally meaning “best face” or “good-looking” in korean. It is a kind of style( usually koreans) similar to Gyaru styles ( usually Japanese)

Lee Do Hyeong

One of the two ulzzangs which I find it to be unique and most inspiring -Lee Do Hyeong

Park Ji Ho

“The second one” -Park Ji Ho

Aren’t they Pretty?

Here are more of the other ulzzangs!

Lee Chi Hoon

Park Tae Jun

Two other ulzzangs which I find them really pretty (Lee Chi Hoon) and handsome (Park Tae Jun)

Well, I am not sure about you guys, but they are quite influential  to me.

Dreams do come true, so yeah! Striving hard to achieve unreachable results is not impossible.

Take a look at the video below about ulzzangs. Rock on, pretty boys!

and to clear some doubts(if there are any?) I am straight by watching these videos because I am inspired by them.

I am sure my inspirations are clear enough, thats what I want in future!

Dreams and inspirations really do make one progress further  in life.

Do you aspire to be one? OR are you already inspired by it?

well, let’s work hard together then!


P.S/I am sorry I would not be able to take pictures currently due to pimple-epidemic breakout. No “A shot A day!”